At present, the Chamber represents the interest of 32 Industrial and Trade Associations and more than 500 Corporates MSMEs and serving nearly a lakh business establishments.

The Chamber's Membership includes the following categories of individuals and groups who are engaged in trade, commerce and industry or have direct interest in the same.

The criterion for various types of Membership of the Chamber are :

Ordinary Membership Any Company, Firms or Association of individuals, HUF or individual can be eligible to become Ordinary Member with the approval of the Committee.
Corporate Membership Any Company, or Undertaking engaged in industry, trade or service, which in the opinion of the Committee has been enjoying good standing and contributing to economic activities is eligible for election as a Corporate Member of the Chamber.
Associate Membership Any individual, HUFs, Firm or Company engaged in exports is eligible for Associate Member of the Chamber.
Affiliated Members Any Trade Association, Chamber of Commerce or similar other body having its object, the promotion of trade, industries or commerce shall be eligible for election as an Affiliated Member of the Chamber.
Life Member All those who are entitled to become Ordinary Members can become Life Member on payment of requisite fees.
Honorary Member On recommendation of the Committee of the Chamber, any person distinguished for public service or eminent in trade, commerce or industry, or otherwise interested in the aims and objectives of the Chamber can be appointed as Honorary Member at a General Meeting of the Chamber.

  In joining the membership in the categories of ordinary and Affiliated membership, the requirement is one time payment of Admission Fee and annual Membership Subscription, depending on the paid-up capital of the firm / company. For Corporate Membership, the Subscription is Rupees one lakh for every year of membership. The nominee of the Corporate Member is eligible to serve on the Committee of the Chamber by cooption without undergoing the process of election.

Associate Membership is open to individuals, HUFs, Firms or companies engaged in exports on payment of Admission Fee and Annual Membership Subscription. Associate Members are entitled to certification / attestation and/or authorization of export documents.


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